Stephen's Presentations

The following represent popular presentations currently available for bookings. Presentations can be customized to address specific needs and audiences. To request the development of a special presentation, contact Stephen for a free consultation.

The Art of Being Awesome: Proven Techniques to Add to Your Attitude Palette

Our attitudes and beliefs have a direct correlation with the quality of our personal and professional lives. In this presentation, based on Stephen's book, you will discover proven techniques that will enable you to:

  • Take control of your mood and attitude in any situation or circumstance.
  • Define the life changing words that will empower you and those around you.
  • Build strong relationships with small but powerful attitude adjustments.
  • Do simple and fun activities to significantly increase your energy.
  • Take Success Literature to the next level.
  • Unleash the power of gratitude.

“This book shows you how to become a completely positive person – no matter what happens to you.”

                   ~Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self-Confidence


Setting and Achieving Powerful Goals - The Workshop

This is one of Stephen's most popular presentations.

In this interactive workshop, you will walk away with the 7 steps necessary to set and achieve powerful goals. You will also learn the secret ingredient that successful goal setters use to achieve any goal.

"You are amazing! I want to go home now & change my life & for the first time in a LONG time, I feel like I actually can!"

                   ~Session Attendee

The Perfect Gift

We receive and give feedback daily in our personal and professional lives. Sadly, some of that feedback is given in a negative way. Giving feedback in a way that encourages and motivates is a skill that every leader, manager and person must master. In this fun and interactive session, you will develop strategies that allow you to:

  • Discover your motives when giving feedback.
  • Master the attitudes associated with giving effective feedback.
  • Eliminate the one concept that will destroy your feedback at every level.
  • Give effective feedback in a way that will be accepted as a gift, The Perfect Gift!

"Very powerful presentation!"

                   ~Session Attendee

Find Your P's: Passion, Purpose, Potential, Personal Mission

Successful people understand their Passion, have a well-defined Purpose, and use their Potential and Personal Mission to accomplish their goals and make a difference in the world. In this interactive session, you will receive instruction and tools that will enable you to discover and walk away with:

  • Your true Passion
  • Your Purpose in life
  • A Personal Mission Statement
  • Defined Goals to accomplish your Purpose
  • The Missing Ingredient that guarantees Goal Success
  • Everyday tasks to drive your Potential
  • Steps to overcome obstacles
  • How to overcome fear, frustration and overwhelm

This presentation can be modified to be presented in separate classes or a half-day or full-day workshop. Perfect for corporate retreats.

Speaking Professionally

Walk away from this seminar armed with crucial techniques and skills for professional level communication.

This workshop will bring to the forefront common mistakes and mispronunciations in speaking. In this interactive skill building session, the audience will learn techniques to help them recognize and eliminate everyday mistakes. Participants will learn to do simple things that will take their speaking to a more professional level.

"EXCELLENT topic and well delivered!"

                   ~Session Attendee

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - An Overview

Understanding and practicing the principles contained in Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are life changing. This session provides an in depth look into learning and applying these principles. Additional sessions that emphasize a specific habit are available to meet specific needs.

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